The Jersey Tomatoes was formed in 2011 by mother & daughter, Jamie Rotondi & Gabrielle Rotondi-Ryan.  The business was the culmination of years spent brainstorming.   We decided to use our unique concepts and creative styles in promoting a positive image of New Jersey.  Our inspiration stems from the love we have for our family, friends, and food.  Our hope is to instill values and traditions that were passed down to us, while we laughed and had fun doing it.

One morning as Jamie was watching the news on television, the shape of the state of New Jersey came on while discussing the weather.  It suddenly occurred to her that it was the cartoon shape of a curvy woman - not quite Betty Boop, but still.....She started sketching, adding a tomato head, a curly cue, a hand on its hips, legs in high heeled shoes - and the “Jersey Tomato Girl” was born!  The Jersey Tomato Girl represents all females with these special ingredients: Tough, Smart, but with a Heart.  Our pet peeve is the notion that New Jersey is tacky and/or cheap and that Jersey-ites are represented as dumb.  We believe New Jersey is a place where family is of utmost importance. 

The initial items for sale via The Jersey Tomatoes were clothing carrying the Tomato Girl icon:  “I’m A Jersey Tomato” or “Jersey Tomatoes Can Cook” or for the men in your family “I Married A Jersey Tomato!”  These items were soon augmented with handmade aprons, recycled fabric tote bags, & funky upcycled jewelry.  We also sell our very popular Jersey Pork Roll items.  If you are from New Jersey, you understand the importance of Pork Roll!

Gabrielle photographs every item that is for sale, and she has designed their business website.  She writes and posts the stories that run every month.  The significance of the month’s column is the family traditions that are carried on each and every month includes a personal story.  Together, Jamie & Gaby hand pick each item for The Jersey Tomatoes' product line.  From obsessing over jewelry that we love to wear, to interesting prints on fabrics, each piece is chosen and adored by this mother/daughter duo.

We are very passionate about family.  It is a place that brings you comfort.   We hope you enjoy our traditions and stories as much as we have making the memories and passing them down.  

Family - it connects us to our values, our traditions, to our past, & to our present.

Jarring Tomatoes in August
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